Health & Human Services

Weekly service data for the Health & Human Services Department
Program Week Ending April 3, 2021
Family Health

11 individuals served Maternal & Child Health

13 individuals served at Portland Community Free Clinic 

24 individuals served STD clinic

24 individuals served Minority Health Mental Health First Aid

Chronic Disease Prevention Program 114 Needle exchanges (onsite & outreach)
Needles collected: 1,850
Needles distributed: 2,384
Narcan kits (2 doses/kit) distributed:  24

Family Shelter 6 new GA families (20 people) presented for shelter
High census of 68 families (213 people) in hotels
High census of 21 families (67 people) sheltered

*We are extending families in the hotels while we have positive cases in the Family Shelter.
Oxford Street Shelter 170 people served overall
 112 guests served nightly, on average

FY21 Housing Placements 73 single adults
82 families of 285 individuals
  1. Council’s HHS & Public Safety Committee to Take Public Comment

    The Council’s Health and Human Services & Public Safety Committee, which has its regular monthly virtual meeting tonight, Tuesday, April 13 at 5:30 PM, has added a public comment session to the agenda. Read on...
  2. City of Portland Committed to Providing Essential Public Health Services

    The City of Portland’s commitment to providing essential public health services through its Needle Exchange Program remains strong as evidenced by the number of clients it serves and the services it offers seven days a week, in two locations. Read on...
  3. Portland Finalizes Shelter Spaces for Winter

    Portland Finalizes Shelter Spaces for Winter; City will utilize Oxford Street Shelter and two hotel properties to increase shelter bed capacity this winter during COVID-19 pandemic. Read on...
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About Us
The Health and Human Services Department consists of four unique divisions: Public Health Division, Social Services Divisionthe Barron Center, (A city-owned long-term care facility) Office of Elder Affairs.

We strive to enhance the health and well-being of the residents of Portland in collaboration with our community, state, and federal partners.