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Health & Human Services Dept December 2021 Update

The Health & Human Services Department is excited to unveil the co-location of key programs from the Social Services and Public Health divisions to a single, centralized location in the city.  Combining these services to one centralized location will reduce barriers to those who access vital services as well as enhance organizational efficiency.  In addition, the much larger physical space at the Forest Avenue location provides opportunities for program expansion as well as increased opportunities for physical distancing to maintain health and safety for staff and service recipients.  Check out The Unification of Portland's Health & Human Services project page.

Questions about HHS' move to 39 Forest Avenue? EMail

Weekly service data for the Health & Human Services Department
Program Week Ending May 14, 2022
Family Health

13 individuals served Maternal & Child Health
15 individuals served at Portland Community Free Clinic
30 (11 new) individuals served at STD clinic 
Orientation services to 10 individuals at the Best Western Freeport 

Chronic Disease Prevention Program  Tobacco Prevention Program
         - Policies Passed: 1
           -  Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL Program)
              New Let's Go! sites registered:  2
Needle Exchanges: 164 ( 70 onsite & 94 outreach)
Needles collected: 11,983
Needles distributed: 11,668
Narcan kits (2 doses/kit) distributed: 89
       - Fentanyl Test Strip Kits (3 strips/kit) distributed: 68
- New Clients Enrolled: 16
- Reversals Reported:  7 (0 fatalities)

Family Shelter
High census of 320 families (1,123 people) in hotels
High census of 23 families (30 people) sheltered
Oxford Street Shelter 300 people served overall
236 clients served nightly, on average

FY22 Housing Placements 94 single adults
63 families of 202 individuals 
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About Us

The Health and Human Services Department consists of four unique divisions: Public Health Division, Social Services Divisionthe Barron Center, (A city-owned long-term care facility) Office of Elder Affairs.

We Strive to Enhance the Health and Well-Being of the Residents of Portland in Collaboration with our Community, State, and Federal Partners.