What if I just want to play hockey?

We dedicate several days a week to adult (18+) pick-up hockey. This is a pick-up game (no referees) and we recommend full equipment. Helmets with face masks (at least a half-shield) are required for all hockey. If you are interested in organized adult hockey, Troubh Ice Arena has adult leagues with several levels, feel free to contact us for more information.  All youth hockey at TIA is organized – Casco Bay Hockey Association the local youth hockey league. Most high schools and middle schools have teams – contact them individually for information.

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1. When is the William B. Troubh Ice Arena open?
2. I’ve never been to the William B. Troubh Ice Arena. How do I find my way around?
3. Where can I park?
4. I’m a recreational skater. What programs are available for me?
5. Does the William B. Troubh Ice Arena have seating for the public?
6. Must I pay for public skating if I’m only watching?
7. Can my child / myself bring a chair, or other skate aid on the ice to help with balance?
8. My child is only 1 and a half years old, can I carry him/her around?
9. Can I go on the ice with my shoes on?
10. Can I wear headphones to listen to music while I am skating?
11. Do you have rental skates? What size would I wear?
12. Do you have Freestyle sessions at the William B. Troubh Ice Arena?
13. Do you have public skating on Saturdays and Sundays?
14. What if I just want to play hockey?
15. My child loves skating. Do you offer birthday party packages?
16. Do you sharpen skates and what hours is this service available?
17. How do I get information on skating lessons?
18. What ages can take skating lessons?
19. I’m an adult – what is available to me for skating lessons?
20. I keep hearing about an ice show. What is the Ice Show?
21. When is the Ice Show?
22. Is the William B. Troubh Ice Arena open year round?