How would you decide who gets beds if you fill up?

We will be implementing the Coordinated Entry system as a state in January of 2018.  All providers who participate in coordinated entry will be working from a prioritization chart developed and agreed upon by the Statewide Homeless Council. Guests will be prioritized for services not just at our new facility, but around the state based upon where they fall on this chart.

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1. Why do we need a new shelter?
2. What kinds of services would be offered at a new location?
3. Why should the City operate an emergency shelter?
4. Why should we provide shelter services to people who are not sober or struggling with their mental health?
5. Is there support for this project among other social service providers?
6. If the shelter were to move, how would people get to work, medical appointments, apartment showings, etc.
7. How will this be received by the guests who access shelter services?
8. How many people will this building serve and what do you do if/when you fill up?
9. How would you decide who gets beds if you fill up?
10. Why are you proposing a single floor shelter rather than a two floor model ?