Why are you proposing a single floor shelter rather than a two floor model ?

In selecting the best model floor plan for a new shelter the first priority is on safety – of our shelter guests and the shelter staff.  A one floor model provides the best layout to assure there is sufficient staff with direct line of site to all areas of the shelter to which the guests have access during the day and evening hours. 

The secondary priority is cost.  This is complicated and involves multiple factors.  The obvious factor that would argue for a two story building is the smaller “foot print” of the building that would require less land than a one story building.  However, that is the only area that may save money among many other factors.  In a two story building we would need to add the cost of an elevator and two sets of exit stairs.   For maximum efficiency in a two story building the space would need to be equally divided between the first and second floors.  This would mean that some of the guest sleeping/programming/dining space would be on both floors requiring additional staff for each floor.  A two floor model would also require duplicate bathrooms on both floors – another costly addition that wouldn’t be required in a one floor model. 

For these reasons we recommend that a single floor model is the preferred choice for the City Shelter.  

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1. Why do we need a new shelter?
2. What kinds of services would be offered at a new location?
3. Why should the City operate an emergency shelter?
4. Why should we provide shelter services to people who are not sober or struggling with their mental health?
5. Is there support for this project among other social service providers?
6. If the shelter were to move, how would people get to work, medical appointments, apartment showings, etc.
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10. Why are you proposing a single floor shelter rather than a two floor model ?